Flat Roofs

Flat Roof with SkylightFlat roofs in Finleyville, PA, are a popular choice among the homeowners the staff at our roofing company has worked with in the past. James Taylor Roofing is proud to provide flat roof installations and repairs to our clients to ensure the continued success of their home.

What are flat roofs? Well, these roofs that are constructed using an under layer and a top coat. They are architecturally appealing and economical for homeowners looking for an attractive roofing option that is also very affordable. Speak to our honest and helpful roofing specialists to learn more about flat roofs and to see if they are the right option for your home.

The Advantages of a Flat Roof Installation

There are some distinct advantages that come with having a flat roof installed onto your home. The most obvious advantage is that these roofs are very easy to climb up on and inspect. This stabilized, horizontal surface make it much easier and more affordable to get any maintenance or repair services you need performed. Just have it re-coated and sealed every few years and you will have a roof with integrity that is capable of resisting leaks.

The team at our roofing company understands how to quickly and successfully install flat roofs the right way the very first time. This enables us to create the type of roof you want for your property without cutting corners or working with subcontractors. When you are in need of a flat roof installation, our team is the one you want to work with to get the results you are after.

Impressive Flat Roof Repairs

Commercial Flat RoofHas something damaged your flat roof? It can happen, especially during storms. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to fixing your roofing system – calling our professional roofing contractors. Since we also provide flat roof installation services, we have a strong understanding of what it takes to get your roof back into like new condition.

From simple patches to complete replacements, our flat roof repair team does what it takes to help you enhance your home. From the moment you realize you have a problem with your roof, you need to make sure you are talking to one of our professionals. We work quickly to handle your flat roof repair so that you can avoid potential further complications due to the damage.

Contact us when you are looking to have a flat roof installed or repaired throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas.